About Me

I was born in Cesky Tesin / Cieszyn, a town split in two by the border between the Czech Republic and Poland. As a child I spent my time drawing, dancing, playing the piano, and reading books…out of these interests art was my main passion and so I went on to study industrial design in Brno.

I laid hands on my first camera during my time at high school. After a first few shy attempts at close ups and images of nature, I soon discovered portrait work. Since than I have been fascinated by faces, expressions and gestures. People have become essential to my work.

Whilst I was busy studying for my degree I had to focus on design, photography however took on an increasingly important role in my life. After graduating I did a 9 month internship in Amsterdam, a great opportunity to experience living in a different culture. Following this I went to India for three months of voluntary work and travelling on my own. This period of time proved to be a breakthrough in my life. My passion for travelling and cultures grew and the experiences provided powerful inspiration and subject matter. Capturing people and places on camera, and the hidden beauty of seemingly unimportant details have changed me and opened my eyes, such that I view the world around me differently. Photography has become so much more that just hobby.

As a self-taught photographer I find that I am continually learning. Observing and working through a lens I freeze moments, I tell stories, I capture emotions …

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